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Legal Background

Powers vested in Hon. Governor in respect of Provincial Public Service under Section 32(1) of Provincial Council Act No. 42 of 1987, has been delegated to the Provincial Council Public Service under Section 32 (2). Those are Appointment Transfer Dismissal from service Disciplinary Control of the officers of Provincial Council Public service The Hon. Governor has the power to alter, deduct or cancel the orders made by the Commission under section 38 (8) , Undue interference for the functions of the Commission is a punishable offence in terms of Section 34. Penalties A fine not exceeding Thousand Rupees Imprisonment of not more than a period of one year Both the above punishments


North Western Province. The term of office is 05 years. Composition t of the Commission is 05 inclusive of the Chairman.

Execution of powers

Powers vested in the Commission in respect of .




Disciplinary Control

of the officers in the Provincial Public Service has been delegated to the Chief Secretary and other officers in the North Western Provincial Council.